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Mar 15, 2012 21:30
These are my random thoughts which came up with and scribbled down on notes these days.
They must be boring for you to read, but I need to know how to say in English!
So please help me with this.
I’ll write a lot of sentences.
So if you don’t have enough time to correct every mistake of every theme or it’s bothersome for you to correct everything, I’d appreciate it if you would correct every mistake of one of the themes (Or should I say instead, “every mistake of one of the paragraphs? I don’t know how to say it.)
When you find unnatural sentences or sentences you don’t understand, feel free to tell me and hopefully suggest natural sentences to me.
OK, here we go!

Forget about good things you’ve done to others. Don’t expect or take it for granted them to appreciate your help.

I realized that my life was full of, “I could live with it even if this one wasn’t there for me.”
Since then, I’ve bought things only I care about or use right now.
I rather say that I haven’t bought almost anything except groceries these days.
Sometimes I want to buy new things to cheer my spirits up, but I can’t find anything to buy with my money. Do I need to earn more money or be content with myself without spending money?

The more my sister feels stressed, the higher the number of sweets in my house gets increased, which means I can have more sweets than usual.
The more my sister gets stressed, the more sweets there are in my house, which means I can get more sweets than usual. No offense.

While typing this entry in a computer, a setting of Word changed automatically without my permission.
What gets worse is I don’t know how to fix it and even worse than this is I don’t have motivation to look for the solution. I wonder about which is bothersome for me. Looking for the solution or waiting for the problem solved automatically?

Making your favorite dishes of your perfect tastes by yourself is one of the best skills to make you happy. What you can make not only you, but also people around you happy is better, but sometimes your tastes and their ones are different each other.

A documentary I wanted to watch, but I missed was about an old American woman who had sued McDonald about its too hot coffees. She got burned when she bought the coffee at a drive through and spilled it on her knees. When I first heard the news a long time ago, I thought, “Oh, typical of Americans. It’s unbelievable! I bet she sued McDonald for getting a lot of money!” However, according to the advertisement for the show, a lot of unknown stories lie behind the scene.

When I’m using a computer while warming myself in a Kotatsu (A Japanese style heater), almost every time, my cat comes close to me and sleeps on my knees.
I love it most of the times except when I need to go to the bathroom or I feel her weights getting heavy because of her sleeping for a long time. I don’t want to wake her up, but sometimes I have to.