How To Exercise Your Eyeballs

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Mar 8, 2012 19:48
I wrote on my yesterday’s entry that I sometimes exercise my eyeballs to keep my good eyesight and I was asked how to do it.
I don’t think I can explain the specific details in English. So I’m going to explain the simple one here.

First of all, you move your eyeballs right to see as far away as you can without moving your head.
Next, you move your eyeballs left to see as far away as you can.
You do them about five or six times as slowly as possible.
In addition to that, you move your eyeballs up and down the same way as “the right and left” way.
Another way is that you move your eyeballs to see every corner of a ceiling as slowly as possible when you lie down on your bed.
The key of their exercises is that don’t move your head, move only your eyeballs.
I don’t know my explanations are good enough for you to understand.
If you don’t understand them, let me know.