The English Translation of “新妻”

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Mar 3, 2012 23:11
When you hear someone say, “His new wife is waiting for him at home,” do you take the new wife to mean that he just got married her these days and she is his first wife?
I’m wondering about it because I think you might take it to mean that he just got remarried these days and she is his second or third wife.
When I was watching a Japanese TV show with English subtitles on YouTube, there was an English translation of a Japanese word, “新妻” in it and it was a new wife.
“新妻” describes a wife who just got married.
It doesn’t matter whether their marriage is first one or not.
A new wife is the literal translation of “新妻,” but the word in English sounds to me like she is the second or third wife.
Am I thinking too much?