I Don’t Know What “Planking” Means In This Sentence

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Jul 22, 2011 19:10
Sometimes I find it more difficult to understand English comments about videos on YouTube than English sentences written in books.
Someone commented about a below video by saying, “This dog is into planking xD.”

The sentence puzzled me.
“This dog is into doing something or something” means that he loves doing something or something, doesn’t it?
I'm not sure about what "planking" means in the sentence.
I guess that the commenter meant that the dog was into getting lying down on a road.
Do I take it correctly?
I’d appreciate it if you would explain the meaning to me.

P.S. I often read people comment like “Thumb up if you like this video” or “Thumb up if you~” on YouTube.
Thumb up if you’re tired of reading those kind of sentences!