June 16th

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Jul 16, 2011 16:50
Since I got out of the last month (I decided to write an English entry every day in June and achieved that goal), I’ve been so lazy.
It’s because I was relieved from the goal in some level.
Of course, I appreciate your corrections.
It’s also because it’s unbelievably hot!
I told my sister that from this month I started to run for a marathon race, but it seems that I’ll be melting in a hot road.
I’d rather swim in a cool pool.

Well, while I didn’t write any entries, a lot of English questions came up.
I’ll write the questions one by one next time.
(By the way, Japanese people tend to mistake saying, “from next time” in English, because we say it in Japanese, “次回から”
Do you say, “I’ll write the questions one by one next entries” or “I’ll write the questions one by one on next entries”?)
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