(Just practice my writting)Apply For A job

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Mar 8, 2017 16:29 English
(I use Formal way and IT IS NOT a real situation,JUST PRACTICE)

Hello,I notice that your company are looking for an executive assistant who has had relavant work experience 3 years above,therefore,I'd like to apply this job,I hope you could give me an oppurtunity.

Before I've apply this job,it was approx. 3 years that I worked for (HR)human recources department in a normal company,even though I only in charge of HR paperwork,and I have ever deal with multitude of negotiate for businesses cooperation as well.

I not only can deal with paperwork,but negotiate for business category,if I could join your company,I will do my best to assist anything I can do in my ability.

In addition,I have good team work attitude,I can sensible of something wrong around my sight immeditatly,then I will amend it.

Lastly,if I did good performance,I understand it is just belong to my madantory,and never for a moment take for granted that admire from anyone.

Thank you for your patient to read my letter,I forward oneday that I can join,even I'm not perfect,however,I always effort study new things.

Mr.Silence 8/3/2017







安靜先生 2017年3月8日