I learned a new expression

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Jan 11, 2019 10:35
I learned a new expression

Today I was watching a movie and I heard the expression "she's bad to the bone". It wouldn't be so difficult to forget because it reminded me of a character from another movie. I don't remember the character's name, but I do remember that she was a very despicable woman. The name of the movie is "The Help". The story takes place in the mid-'50s and shows how the segregation and racism were big problems in some states in the US.

The main character is an undergraduate girl who wants to be a journalist. As we know, in the fifties, it wasn't very common for women to go to college and build a career, since they were expected to be housewives. For that reason, you can see several times how Skeeter's mother forces her to meet someone and get married before it's too late for her. However, Skeeter decides to focus on her career and to write about something meaningful for the society. Some of her friends support her, and it seems that her best friend does it too, until she realizes what is Skeeter writing about.

This character, Skeeter's best friend, had began a movement which consisted in building separated bathrooms for black housemaids. Of course, this was a clear sign of segregation and racism, but the white community didn't see it in that way. Except for Skeeter, whom ideas led her to write a book about these black women who had borne and coped with the abusive and racist behavior from their employees.

To make a long story short, Skeeter finishes writing her book and publishes it. But that's not the end of the movie. Her best friend threatens her because there is a part in the book that refers to something really disgusting that happened to her. You don't know who am I or what could I do she says. Fortunately, Skeeter's mother helps her and "best friend" doesn't dare to get closer to her again.

(This entry was very challenging)