My life as a psychologist (part 1)

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Jan 16, 2019 11:03
My life as a psychologist (part 1)

I work as a psychologist at a national hospital, specifically in a mental health unit.

I have never thought I would be working at any hospital because I believed it would be too challenging. In that kind of environment, one has to face the cruel realities of El Salvador society, and that simple idea made me feel a little bit scared. "But that is what psychologists have to do, in the end", you might think, and it's true. But El Salvador issues can overwhelm anyone, even psychologists.

However, call it destiny, but one day a former classmate sent me a message to notify me that she had recommended me to the mental health unit at a national hospital. That was a really big surprise to me. Despite my fears, I took the job and started in June 2017.

I will never regret making that decision. I couldn't be happier, I help a bit healing minds people. I changed my mind and realized how important psychology is in a society that has been hurt for decades and that still has to deal with the consequences of the violence. For that reason, no matter what fear you have, just go for it and jump out of your comfort zone.