About Philip Glass.

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Jan 6, 2019 05:37
About Philip Glass.

Philip Glass is a very famous OST composer. Once, I listened to one of his compositions on Youtube randomly, and I loved it. I was writing a story at the time, it was very late and I wanted to keep writing, so I decided to look for some good music to stay awake a bit longer. And I found "Dead Things" - a quite depressing melody by the way- and then I clicked on "Einstein on the beach".

I've never listened to that kind of music before, I was more into rap, rock or any popular rhythm, but when I discovered mister Glass compositions I began not just enjoying his music, but also from other composers, like Johan Johansson, Max Richter, and Hans Zimmer. I still like rap, rock, and pop, though. It's just that I like another genre.

Sometimes, people used to think that if you listen to certain music it's because you are an intelligent person, or that you have culture. But I don't think music determine how smart or cult you are, since the final purpose of music is to make you feel something, either you listen to rap or classical music. In the end, what only matters is what you feel when listening to some song.

P. S. If you want to listen to Philip Glass music, I share with you the link of one of his melodies.