About Philip Glass (Part 2)

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Jan 8, 2019 08:55
About Philip Glass (Part 2)

I wrote about Mr. Glass recently. I explained how I discovered this composer's music on Youtube at random. But this time I would like to write about an article I read on Philip Glass story, about how this musician became so famous. The article was based on an interview that took place in 2016.
Mr. Glass lived in New York and spent 30 years of his life driving an old cab across the city. He used to drive all kind of people, since ordinary clients to prostitutes. He recalled that a prostitute robbed him and tried to kill him once. She put a knife on his throat and threatened him to kill him if he didn't give her all the money he had earned that night. "It was a hard job" he explained, "sometimes I thought I was going to die, and sometimes I thought was a lucky man". Quite ironic, but he really was a lucky man, in my opinion.

He not only knew the dark side of New York but also found out there the inspiration to compose his melodies. It wasn't easy for him. In the beginning, no one attended to his presentations, and almost no one believed his compositions were good. Until that day, when someone went to one of his presentations and thought he made great music.