Potato Starch

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Feb 15, 2017 23:51
Potato Starch

I fixed Mapo Tofu for my supper today. Although it is a famous Chinese dish, Mapo tofu is a quite popular dish in Japan.

I’m not going to write down the recipe, but I used two tablespoons of potato starch to turn the mixture of dice-cut firm tofu, flied minced pork, and some seasoning, a bit sticky. Potato starch is in form of powder, so you need to soak it in to some water before use. Otherwise, the powder ruins the mixture, making part of it jelly, and other part left watery.

This time I soaked the powder in the same amount of water several minutes before use. I’ve heard that the soaking should be longer, but I didn’t care much. I mixed it well with the water, and I needed to mix it again right before adding it to the pan because the powder sinks.

Then a question came to me which was, how popular potato starch is in the West? Is it even available at the supermarket like buying some milk?

For what it’s worth, potato starch is called Katakuriko(片栗粉-かたくりこ) in Japanese, and we often use it for cooking not only for Chinese dishes but for Japanese dishes too. Have you ever bought some?

Oh, the headache from yesterday is almost gone in the morning. I finished reading the Martian. It was a great book. You should definitely read it if you like a bit of geeky stuff. Now I feel like I’m talking to myself. Well, bye!