I like coffee shops, much more than drinking coffee itself.

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Feb 19, 2017 22:44
I like coffee shops, much more than drinking coffee itself. Coffee shops are my alternative personal space. I sometimes use a DOUTOR coffee or a Starbuck for reading, and I believe I'm not the only person to do so.

Japanese people love using coffee shops as an extension of their personal space, reading, studying or working. Sometimes, a coffee shop virtually becomes a library, because most of the customers become really into whatever they are doing. If you talk with your friend out loud in that situation, they might all turn to your direction and say “Shhhhhh!!!”. Well, not really. It’s a coffee shop after all. You cannot complain to other customers talking, but you can feel it they won’t welcome chatty people around. Personally, I feel that’s a kind of abuse for coffee places, but I can’t argue, given that I use them in the same way.

Today, I went to a new coffee stand in a discount store in the neighborhood. That place is not a typical coffee shop like which I was describing about. Desks and chairs are shared with other food stands like a food court. Most of the customers are shoppers. And yet, the staff drip coffee as the order comes. They even hand-drip cup by cup. You can choose what coffee you like from six choices, all different roast grade. And most of all, there is a big Fuji Royal coffee roaster behind the counter. It was a surprise when I found it out, because it is a coffee stand in a food court. How come they need a full fledged coffee roaster?

My best guess is, they roast coffee beans with the roaster for other coffee stands as well. I didn’t know the name of it, but the store turned out that it is run by the discount store chain. There are at least three more stands in the same name in the other discount stores. Otherwise, that coffee stand would be closed in very short term. They will never recover the money for the roaster and other equipment like a Ditting coffee grinder and an espresso machine. The coffee tastes fairly good, but few customers come to the foodcourt on weekdays.

I just wanted to say that I went to a coffee stand, and I obviously write too much. Maybe I just wanted to write a lot, whatever in English, so thank you so much for reading through this!