Wednesday Campanella

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Feb 9, 2017 18:13
Wednesday Campanella

Hello, everyone. I’m Hinoki. Pleased to meet you. I live in Kanagawa, Japan. I’m currently a worker related to mobile phone radio waves, but I’m looking for more stable job.

This is my first post and I’d like to write about a band I recently came across. The band is called Wednesday Campanella, "水曜日のカンパネラ" in Japanese.
I've heard the name on a number of times here and there, so one day, I looked it up on Youtube. And I’m kind of hooked by the whole array of music videos.

It is a Japanese band of three people, but I don’t see anyone on the stage except for a girl although there must be two men taking part in the band, writing songs or playing instruments. Their tracks sound really good to me. I'm not good at genre, but google says it's pop house. The girl's performance is alluring. The lyrics are funny, sometimes even weird, but I think the sounds of words itself are more important than the meaning.

I’ve been watching footages of them off and on for about a week by now. Maybe I’ll download some of the music. She raps and sings mostly in Japanese, but languages shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to music, so take a look. And that’s about it. Bye for now!
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