Travelling without driver?

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Oct 5, 2017 04:42
This is an 2-3 min oral test/exposition. Do I need to add more??

When we are going to travel by plane, bus, train... we take for grant that there will be a driver. But what if vehicles were driven by themselves. This crazy idea from the future is becoming to the reality.

The first train travel totalmente autónomo(when its driven by itself, without driver) it's been a step foward completing the AutoHaul proyect by the end of 2018. The AutoHaul proyect is focused on automate essential trains dedicated to the transport of metals to port areas.

The pilot test, which was completed successfully, consisted in traveling a hundred kilometres, from Pilbara to Paraburdoo, with any driver abroad. This test was tracked by Rio Tinto Group in Australia.

Rio Tinto Group's 90% of trains are AutoHaul. Nowadays Rio Tinto manages around two hundred of engines.