Annoy me summer things that annoy me.

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Jun 15, 2018 09:05
Annoy me summer things that annoy me.
I have some seems that annoy me.
first of all, the sound that people chewing on opening your mouth makes me annoying.
Even if the people who makes that sound is not eating with me, if I would catch the sounds, I can not stand to keep me eat my meal.
Secondary I don't like birds. I afraid them.
This is the reason I have bad experience about birds. Where I walked on Street, a crow came throw out narrow my head. I was so surprised then. And it scared me.
Also, i ate for lunch at library, the birds tried to steal my sandwich. I very like several animals but I don't like them.
Finally, the people leave to put something which is used by someone on our kitchen.
By the way, I have lived shared room now. So I am sure he suppose to wash and clean things that you used every time.
That irritates me when I found those dirty things. I've always felt bad.