A Lost Blue Eye Russian Lady

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Nov 23, 2017 13:38 diary
A lost blue eye Russian Lady

About two months ago, I first met her and was fascinated by her bright beautiful blue eyes at a booth where a number of handmade crafts were made by her in an intercultural market. I never thought that will be the last time I can see that pair of pretty eyes.

Afterwards, her right eyes suddenly can not see by an unknown reason and she was sent to a hospital. It never rains but it pours in her life. She has faced loads of difficulties now. M told me that she had overly cared about external appearance and had been in fond of beautiful substances, and all along ignored many things from inner voices. Thus, the lost right eyes is a mirror of the soul. So, life needs her looks into inside world. As a friend, M has spent several times to relieve her physical pain which was caused from her inside agony.