Have you heard grammars like these?

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Jun 10, 2012 02:38 English conversation question usage
My friend was taught these phrases. He said they were old grammars.
Have you ever heard grammars like these?

・ I didn't knew that. <--- Normally, we say "I didn't know that."
・ Did I asked about it? <-- Normally, we say "Did I ask about it?"

In summary, can I use "past tense + past tense"?

Would you tell me about it?

PS. Would you correct errors in this article. I am not good at the tense.


・ I didn't knew that. <--- 普通、"I didn't know that."
・ Did I asked about it? <--- 普通、"Did I ask about it?"



PS. この記事のエラーを直していただけますか?私は時制が苦手なのです。