I have never had the habit of writing journals before.

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Jan 18, 2017 09:29
I have never had the habit of writing journals before. I did write some journals, though. When I was in elementary school, my Chinese teacher asked us to write one journal entry per week as a homework. In 7th grade, we were required to keep diaries daily. Although at that time I didn't really like it because it was a burden, I still tried to remember what happened each day, what I experienced, and what I thought, to write them down. Most of the days were similar, and nothing special happened. However, I started to observe my life more carefully. I paid attention to the scenery on my road to school, the people on the street, and even the weather. That's the time I began to find more in life, to seek for the beauty of nature, instead of repeating the same things every day.
It's been several years since I have written diaries as homework. As I grow up, I have come to realize the importance of remembering things from the past. It's always good to recall the past, especially the great moments. The thing is, I can't rely on my brain to memorize all these things. To do this, I need journals, or diaries to record them. I've already forgotten most of my memories in the past 16 years and 3 months. If I don't start to record them now, I'm afraid that I will have few things to recall when I get old. Besides, writing journals is also an introspection, as it can help me do better in my future life.
I also never thought about posting my personal journals on the internet to let people from all over the world read them, as well as helping editing them. But this is definitely a great idea, for both the writer and the helpers.