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May 14, 2012 03:44
Have you ever heard The old adage "practice does make perfect"

let me share a nice little story with you guys about a young womenv When I first joined cheerleading I never realized how much it would affect my life or even become such a big part of my life. When I started in 7th grade I was 100 percent positive I wouldn't stunt or tumble because I was too scared. I had low self esteem being bullied so I never thought I could be successful in stunting or tumbling. In 10th grade I finally gave both a shot, but I failed horribly the first 500 times. My arms hurt because I had a hard time holding the flyer up and my arms didn't lock out in a backhand spring. After 3 months of trying, I was strongly deciding on quitting my favorite sport because I didn't improve and the nasty remarks from my teammates just made me feel depressed. The nasty remarks pushed me to work harder. I started practicing tumbling 3 times a week, 3 hours total. Five months later I had a backhand spring with my arms locking out. 6 months after that I had a straight, solid, clean,long, perfect and very high backhand spring. I came a long way to get a perfect backhand spring and I improved so much. I used to be scared of everything and getting my backhand spring made me fearless. After my arms locked out, I assumed if I never thought my arms would lock out then that means I can get the very high, straight, solid, clean,long and perfect backhand spring I always wanted. So after my arms locked, I worked very hard everyday doing conditioning drills like jumping up and down, push ups, crunches, handstands and running. I listened to my coach and did all the drills she gave me. I just started flying and I went straight up without falling my first attempt and I know that's because I had the body strength from a back handspring and I was 100 confident that I would succeed. A lot of people don't go up perfectly in the air on the first attempt so I truly believe it was the body strength drills I did for tumbling. I used to collapse on the mat because I didn't have the strength for a handstand and since then I have come a long way. I put my heart and soul into working hard at practice and the goals I achieved in the sport has made me a stronger and confident person. One day our team will make it to the WORLDS competition on ESPN and I will write about our success in two years. I can't wait for that time to come.

i remember once , at the beginnig of my new life in the US , i met this person, who really made it hard for me , let just say that he gave me a hard time in my practicing process, everytime i spoke he would make comments but not always in a nice way, always correcting my pronounciation, to the point i got really stressed out when i had to speak english, and my pronounciation got worse, i could stop right there and stay at the level i was it was already pretty good, but that was not my goal, no i wanted to speak english as well as i speak french, my determination is what kept me going, and eventually i did improve , a few years later, i met this person again, and as we started talking , first thing he said was "man! your english is really good, i felt so proud at this moment, because if this picky person was giving this kind of compliment, it meant that i must have been doing really good!
now you gotta know i don't mind being corrected on the contrary that is the way to improve, but the way to do it is a different matter, let just say that he was not cool doing it!
and finally when i realised that i had really achived my goal, i was already back home, at that time i was working at the wallstreet institute, for those who don't it s a school where you speal english all day long, and one day , this woman came to my desk and she was american , while we were talking, i had to say something in french to my coworker, she looked at me and said you speak very good french for an american , i had a big smile on my face as i answered but i 'm french, she had a hard time believing me, at this moment i felt so happy!
it sure is a long road, but it'sso worth it , practice does make perfect.

sorry for writing such a long comment tonight, but i really felt like i had to share this with you, i hope you don't mind!
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