How did I learn English? 2

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Jan 18, 2014 02:05
My study for the entrance exams helped me build some confidence in English grammar.

The next time I encountered a wall was when I had to write a paper in English. Apparently, it was much harder than exams. I wrote my first draft within a month or two, or perhaps three (I don't remember at all, actually; it was long time ago).

After that my Japanese professor went through my text with me line-by-line. It was quite tough. Because I didn't know how to write a paper, my draft was criticized day after day.

After finishing this phase, I couldn't revise my draft. Everything I could think of seemed wrong. I ran away from it and started something else. It was computer programming. I learned a little bit of JAVA for about a month.

Then the professor came to me and demanded to restart the revision. I did. Interestingly, although it was extremely hard a month ago, this time it went really well.

JAVA is a computer language based on English. Surely, it's very much logical. What I had to do was to write a logical English for my paper. I believe that studying a bit of programming helps your technical writing in English.