Alternative Punishment

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Sep 12, 2017 04:31
Alternative Punishment
With growing numbers of people convicted of crimes, prisons are getting full. People are beginning to call for the use of more alternative forms of punishment that do not involve a prison sentence for non-violent crimes. There are advantages and disadvantages of such a system.
There are two advantages.
One of the advantages is they can save the space of prisons. Alternative forms would be kind of fine. This needs no space. This will help solve the problem of congested prison.
Another advantage is that people convicted of crimes can learn how to live better in a society. If this form of punishment is installed, they will spend time in a society and they will work as a member of a society. This gives them chances to think why they are punished and what is the better way to live. Punishment is not only for sanction but also prevention for crimes in the future. F. Liszt, a famous criminal political researcher, once said ‘’The best social policy is the best criminal policy.’’ If they can learn the way to live in a society, the risk they convict crimes probably down. This style of punishment is good way to prevent they commit crimes again.
There are two disadvantages.
One of the disadvantages is that non-violent crimes can be evil. Some of non-violent crimes are quite malicious, for instance, fraud. If you use this style of punishment for fraud, it means you give them the chance to convict fraud again. In this case, you cannot achieve prevention of crimes, one of the aim of punishment. In addition, punishment have a function of sanction, of course. This case is difficult to say you succeeded to impose them sanction. Eventually, this kind of crimes is not suitable for the alternative style of punishment. There is a problem to what kind of crimes you should use the alternatives.
The other disadvantage is the balance of punishment between conventional punishment and alternative punishment. If you start alternative punishment, you have to change the laws and the alternative punishment should be as punishable as conventional one. If this balance is not kept, the balance between other crimes will collapse and you need dynamic change of laws. It leads social panic because the dynamic law changes make difficult to keep social stability. It is not easy to consider that the conventional punishments are equal to alternatives.
Alternative forms of punishment have both advantages and disadvantages. The best conclusion is yet to be found.