Open Seminars

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Jan 18, 2017 23:31
Open Seminars
This week and the next week, I have open seminars.
In my university, the students decide their seminar when they become junior.
In order to properly think which seminar they choose, my university has a open seminars system.
While open seminars are held, I can visit some seminar in which I am interested and know the atmosphere of the seminar.
I have already visited some seminar.
All of them were interesting.
Especially, a criminal law seminar was quite exciting and I like the professor.
In the first semester this year, I took her criminal law course and it was great.
She gives me good advice and makes comments about my legal writing.
She always cheers me up.
I'm getting along with her.
However, I will probably choose a civil law seminar.
I want to be a lawyer, and to pass the Japanese bar exam, civil law is really important.
Moreover, many people who choose this seminar go to law schools.
It is nice for me to make friends who want to be a lawyer and study with them.
Of course, the criminal law seminar is good but the civil law seminar has a charm.
This is not my final decision.
Before making final decision, I'll visit more seminars.