Tiger's eye

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Jan 12, 2018 21:29
Hello guys! We are back home from my hometown where we celebrated New year. Actually, I've not been there for New year holidays more than five years. Honestly, in my hometown is pretty boring. One day we went to a bar but there was nothing to do but to eat and to drink there - neither dances nor even music. We ate sushi and drank watermelon shots. Another day we went to
an ancient manor house. It was nice to walk there and I fulfilled my dream - to ride a horse. My horse was white and beautiful but first she didn't want to go and resisted and I became anxious a little bit. Eventually she moved and It was very cool. I definitely will be riding more often in this year. The rest time we were just watching movies and drinking beer. I'm going to tell you about one strange present I got. It is a talisman, a round stone called "tiger's eye". The stone is inserted into wicker leather ring with diameter about 4 centimeters, it reminds a planet with rings. Whole construction hangs on a leather rope. It's considered that it'll protect me and bring luck and harmony to me. But it's unlikely I'll be able to wear it: Firstly, it looks rather weird than nice, as if I am a witch or sectarian, and secondly it's pretty heavy and the leather rope rubs a neck. Have the happiest year ahead!
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