I went to Osaka with my friend last weekend.

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Sep 25, 2018 15:57
I went to Osaka with my friend last weekend. We saw at Nagoya station at 9 am, and we went to Osaka by train. We planned to have lunch at kushiage restaurant. Kushiage is a very popular food in Osaka. When we searched the restaurant on web site, it was said that it is open from 10 am. However, when we went there at 10:30, it hasn’t opened yet. We waited it for open in front of the entrance. It was getting crowded while we were waiting. When it opened at 11 am, there was a long line. We were hungry because we had eaten nothing. We ate a lot of kushiage. After that, we went to the Fortune-telling. My friend likes the Fortune-telling, and she often goes there. She recommended me the Fortune-teller who is famous in Oosaka. I have taken the Fortune-telling a few times, but I had never taken the tarot fortune-telling. She said that I might get married in two years. I don’t have a boyfriend now, so I can’t imagine who I’ll get married with. I wasn’t able to believe completely what she said, but it was very interesting. I wish I got married in two years.

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