I always go to the station by bicycle.

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Aug 27, 2018 16:24
I always go to the station by bicycle. When I rode it to go home last Friday, I realized the tire was flat. Since it was late, the cycle shop was already closed. So, I walked to home with the bicycle. I went to the shop yesterday. The owner looked into the tire, and he said "it was too damaged, so you’d better change the tire". I followed his word. He told me to come again an hour later. I went back home and I played with my niece. After a while, when I went to the shop, the bicycle was already repaired. He said the price was 4000yen. It was more expensive than I thought. However, I gave 4000 yen to him. When I opened my wallet to pay for lunch at the restaurant, I realized there were only 4000 yen in it. I remembered that there were 9000 yen in it before I went to the cycle shop. I haven't used it since I used at the cycle shop. I thought I gave 4000 yen to him, but I should have given 5000 yen. I should have count bills when I paid.