I’m planning to give my mother a surprise trip.

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Sep 12, 2018 16:27
I’m planning to give my mother a surprise trip. It will take 10 years next March since I worked at this company. My company gives a trip ticket to workers who worked for 10 years. So I’m thinking of traveling to Hawaii with my mother. I’ve been to Hawaii six times, but she has never visited there. She often travels within Japan, but she has traveled abroad only a few times. She likes watching musicals, so I thought that I take her to New York. However, it is too far. She might be tired of the long flight, so I decided to take her to Hawaii. In Hawaii, the best season is from May to September. In Japan, there are long vacation in May and August, so the price of flight tickets are high in that season. I’m thinking of July. When I researched about Hawaii, I found the information that the fireworks go off in July 4th. It is the independence day. I want her to see it. If she could enjoy the trip, I want to take her other countries.

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