I went on a trip to Fukui with my friend.

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Dec 18, 2018 14:08
I went on a trip to Fukui with my friend. We met at Nagoya station and we bought lunch at a nearby department store. We were hungry, so we had lunch as soon as we took the train. It took about 2 hours and a half to Fukui from Nagoya by train. We were talking all the time. I felt like it just took about an hour. We had asked a hotel for pick-up, so when we arrived at the station, a driver was there. We checked in and we took a bath. There were many kinds of bath. We cannot take all of them, so we decided to take a bath tomorrow morning again. The hotel had a tea ceremony that customers are available for free, so we had tea after the bath. After we relaxed for a while, we went to dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. Crabs are very famous in Fukui. Our main purpose of the trip was eating crabs. We were looking forward to dinner. We enjoyed various dished using crabs. Every dish was so delicious, and I was very happy. When we went back to the room, our beds were already ready. We were full, so we lay down.

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