I went to Kyoto with my mother last weekend.

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Oct 1, 2018 17:58
I went to Kyoto with my mother last weekend. I took an afternoon off, and I met her at the Nagoya station at 1 pm. When I went to the Nagoya station, she was already there. We went to the restaurant where I had booked. It is one of my favorite restaurants and I regularly go there. I ordered the course when I booked the restaurant on the internet. It was the course that we could order through only web site. My mother likes lobster very much, but we can’t often eat it because it is very expensive in Japan. The course included the pasta with a lobster, so she was very happy. Her birthday is coming soon, so I had asked the restaurant for a cake. I didn’t tell her that, because I wanted to surprise her. She was very surprised when they brought the cake singing the birthday song. I was very happy to see her surprised face.