I had an interview with my boss today.

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May 24, 2018 15:59
I had an interview with my boss today. At our company, we are supposed to have an interview every three months. I told my boss what I did in this three months. He evaluates me based on this interview and I can get his feedback a month later. He is still 40 years old, but he got promoted to a manager two years ago. He is competent. What’s more, He is very popular with young women because he is tall and handsome. I heard his grandfather is from Hawaii, so he is a quarter. Whenever I see a child who has one of parents from other countries, I think he/her is very cuter than Japanese child. I envy blond hair and blue eyes. I want to marry a foreigner, but it is difficult for me. I have no opportunity that I meet foreigners and it is difficult to make communication with them because of my lack of English skill. I need to study English harder.