I went to lunch with my sister’s family yesterday.

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Feb 12, 2019 10:02
I went to lunch with my sister’s family yesterday. She always invites me to lunch on my birthday. She had reserved tables at a Russian restaurant. It is so popular with local people that we need to make a reservation at advance. In fact, some people visited there without reservation yesterday, but they were refused to enter. Every dish was delicious. My nephew and niece also ate much. I particularly liked piroshiki. It is a kind of fried bread and it has chopped beef in it. It seemed that it is the most popular dish there. Some diners ordered some more to take them home. After lunch, we went to a cake shop. My sister’s husband bought me a cake. It had so many kinds of cake that it was difficult to select one. I talked to my sister, and we decided that we would choice two kinds of cake and share them. We returned to her house and ate cakes. When I left her home, my children gave me some presents. I was glad that they drew pictures and made bracelet for me. Yesterday was my happiness day.

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