I went to Sydney this summer vacation.

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Aug 20, 2018 14:49
I went to Sydney this summer vacation. I heard it is cold in Sydney because it is summer. So, I put a coat and some sweaters in my baggage. However, it wasn’t colder than I expected. It was a little cold in the morning and the evening, but it was warm in the daytime. Some people wore the half sleeve shirt. I didn’t never wear the coat I brought. I shouldn’t have brought it, because it needs a lot of space in the suitcase. I wanted to buy more souvenirs, but I gave up because there wasn’t enough space in the suitcase. I walked to the Opera house every morning while I was in Sydney. It took 10 minutes from the hotel on foot. There were some local people running in the park near the Opera house. I think Australian people excise more than Japanese people. They have muscular body, and they look healthy. I found a lot of cafes. I heard that Starbucks didn’t get popular in Australia because Australian people have their favorite café. I had some coffees every day. Every cafes served delicious coffee. I enjoyed trying to have various kinds of coffee.

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