I’m going to go on a trip to Taiwan tomorrow.

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Feb 21, 2019 16:34
I’m going to go on a trip to Taiwan tomorrow. I was busy getting ready for the trip yesterday. I don’t like packing. I always forget to bring something when I go abroad. When I went to Thailand last month, I forgot to take my sport wear with me, so I did Yoga and kick boxing with pajamas. I sometimes look at Instagram and twitter to get information about Taiwan recently. I thought that it is hot in Taiwan all the year, but it seems that it is wrong. Some people were wearing a coat. On the other hand, some people were wearing a short-sleeved shirt. I am not sure that it is hot or not. I need to bring cloths for both summer and winter. To make matters worth, the weather forecast says that it will rain on Sunday, so I also need to bring an umbrella. I don't want to make my suitcase heavy because my booked hotel doesn't have an elevator. If it is heavy, it would be hard to bring my baggage to my room by myself.