I am tired because it is too hot recently.

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Aug 1, 2018 09:41
I am tired because it is too hot recently. I can’t get enough sleep though the air conditioner is on all night. I heard that it is bad for women to cool body, so I set the air conditioner 28 degrees Celsius. I wake up several times because of heat. I look for the method that I can comfortably sleep. I tried the iced pillow, but my head was cool but the body didn’t become cool. The easiest way is turning down the temperature of the air conditioner, but I don’t do it. When I go to the department store or the restaurant, I always feel too cold. The temperature between outside and inside is so different that I am afraid that I catch a cold. I am going to travel to Sydney two weeks later, I think it is cold there. I prefer winter to summer. I don’t know what I should. It is hot before I arrive at Sydney, so I am going to wear the half-sleeve shirt and sandals. I need to bring the long-sleeve clothes such as a jacket and boots when I onboard.

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