My schedule was packed last weekend.

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Sep 19, 2018 08:42
My schedule was packed last weekend. I planned to have lunch with my friend in Nagoya and have dinner with other friends in Seto city. When I go to Nagoya, I always use a train. However, I need to go to Seto city in the evening, so I went to Nagoya by car. The parking price was too high to park at the Nagoya station. I parked near my company. It is two stations far from the Nagoya station. After I parked, I went to Nagoya station by train to have lunch with my friend. I had half an hour until my appointment, so I got train tickets for a trip to Kyoto this weekend. We went to a sushi restaurant where she recommended. She used to go there, but she has never visited there since it was renovated. She said that it was a lot changed. It seemed that not only interior but also menu was different. We ordered 10 pieces sushi. It was fresh and delicious, but a waiter had a bad manner. I like the atmosphere and dishes, but I might never visit there anymore.