I went to Kyoto with my friend last Sunday.

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Sep 26, 2018 15:43
I went to Kyoto with my friend last Sunday. She booked the zazen event at Tofuku-temle. Zazen is a Japanese traditional culture. It is a kind of meditation. She has participated in this event a few times, but it was my first experience. When I arrived at the temple 10 minutes before the event, there were about 20 people. It seemed that the event was very popular with tourists. We listened to the chief priest’s story first, and then we did zazen. I got sleep because the room was dark. When we get sleep, the chief priest hits us with a stick if we send him a signal. I was hit by him two times for 15 minutes. I felt refreshed after the zazen. I want to go there and do zazen again when I get tired at work. It was very good experience for me.