I decided to travel to New York by myself in May.

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Aug 31, 2018 15:02
I decided to travel to New York by myself in May. In Japan, there is a long vacation in May. Usually, the vacation is for about 5 days, but I heard it might be for 10 days next year. Airplane tickets are started selling from about a year. Though it is August, cheapest tickets were sold out. I wanted to get direct flight’s ticket, but the price was high. I got ticket that I need to change a plane in Korea. I’ve ever been to New York three times. I like watching musicals, so I always watch a few musicals when I go to New York. There are a lot of delicious foods and tourist attractions, and people are kind. I love New York, but the hotel’s price is high. It is very difficult to stay at the hotel with low cost. It is said that hotels in London and New York are most expensive in the world. I want to spend money with foods and musicals, so any hotel will do as long as the price is low. However, my mother wants me to stay a hotels that the location is good and the security is tight even if it is expensive.