I went on a trip to Fukui with a friend.

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Dec 19, 2018 07:22
I went on a trip to Fukui with a friend. The second day, We woke up early to take a bath. It was very cold, but we took a bath outside. It is nice to take a bath outside in winter. We went to breakfast after taking a bath. I usually just have a toast for breakfast, but I ate much yesterday. I didn’t think I could go to Tojinbo because a weather forecast said it might rain. However, when we checked out, it was sunny. We decided to go to Tojinbo. We went there by taxi. When we arrived there, the driver told us that he would wait until we come back. It was very lucky for us, because we could leave our baggage in the taxi. Tojinbo is very popular place, but there were few people. I was happy to take beautiful pictures. After that, we went to a restaurant where the driver recommended. It was very crowded with local people. We ate katsu-don. It tasted good. After lunch, we went back to Nagoya. We enjoyed the trip very much!