I received an e-mail from my company yesterday morning.

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Sep 5, 2018 16:00
I received an e-mail from my company yesterday morning. It said that my company would be closed in the morning because of the typhoon. The weather forecast said that the typhoon would be likely to approach Japan from 3 pm to 5 pm. I thought that my company might be closed in the afternoon, too. My sister had a work, so she asked me to take care of her children. She took them to my house at 8 am. We played with puzzles at first, and then we played with hide-and-seek game, drawing pictures and so on. I was very tired after I spent only 2 hours with them. I tried to lay them down, but I couldn’t. They had a lot of energy. I got a messae from my company at 11 am. As I expected, my company was closed in the afternoon. I went to the super market to buy something for lunch. However, it was closed because of typhoon. I came back to my house and I cooked curry. They had 2 plates of curry. It seemed they were very hungry. I was happy that they liked curry I cooked. My sister came back while we were watching TV. She bought some cakes on her way home. Playing with children is harder than work. I respect mothers.