I am thinking of going to the English school.

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May 28, 2018 14:17
I am thinking of going to the English school. However, I haven’t decided the school yet because there are a lot of schools. The number of online English schools is increasing these days. The online schools are cheaper than others. However, I want to make conversation with face to face. I heard the important thing to improve English skills was studying every day. I am lazy, so I neglect studying when I am home. So I want to go to English school after work every day. According to website, most of English schools offer private lesson. I want to take private lesson because I can ask anything even if it is very easy question. There is serious problem. It is money. The cost is at least 6000 yen per hour. If I take English lesson every day, it costs 180000 yen a month. It is impossible to pay that. So, I am thinking of taking online lesson.