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Hello! My Name is Lurdes, I´m 25 from Argentina and my native language is Spanish, I'm studying english and some day I will return to study Japanese.

I Heard of this site in a YouTube video of a girl who explains how she lernt Japanese. Apart from her books and classes she recommends some websites and apps to improve the language. My intention is to improve my English, I have studied it for several years in my childhood and adolescence, and never paid much attention because my parents made me study it. But in the lasts two years I understood that an extra language is a tool, and it might be useful to travel (which is one of my dreams in the future) or meet other people. For now knowing English allowed me to seek information that in Spanish I wouldn’t have found, an example is Astrophysics, a subject I love even when I don’t really understand it.

Other thing that helped me a lot was to watch tons of videos in YouTube, now I can hear better and I’m used to American accent more than British. But I still struggle when I have to speak, I have to improvise very quickly an idea and then I talk like cavern woman XD

So well…My intention here is to use this website for writing a personal diary. I find it an interesting way to motivate myself in the construction of texts. It might seem weird for you if you decide to help me with it because I will write personal things of my daily life, problems, projects, I will be very explicit sometimes.
And this is for me, but I guess I love the idea of someone else reading my truly persona.

Think about it, you will be reading a personal diary of a human being in other part of the Earth. (My life isn’t that awesome, but I think it could be curious).
I want to clarify I don’t pretend you to be my therapist, I’m not doing it because I’m desperate for attention, I like the idea of being read by anonymous people and that’s it.

I need practice, I need to be better at grammar and gain vocabulary, and of course I will help you whenever you need with your texts.
So, yeah, this is me, and I hope we could be good friends in this community.

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Hello! My Name is Lurdes, I´m 25 from Argentina and my native language is Spanish, I'm studying english and some day I will return to...
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