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Hi everybody! I'm Marta (:
I'm (almost) sixteen years old, I'm Italian, and I really love studying languages.
Perhaps I can help you with English: I've been studying it for 10 years, and I like it very much (:
I'm attending a high school that makes me study hard Italian, Latin and ancient Greek (I like them! But I really hate maths -.-").
I've tried to study Japanese on my own since January. In May I had some problems that have taken me from studying seriously since last week, but now I want to dedicate lots of time to Japanese.
I don't really know why I love Japan so much. It's just that its culture and history amaze me. I find them really facinating, and I love how people study hard to build up their future, their politeness and the "relationship" that Zen influence makes people have with nature. I wanna be like that, too (:
My dream is to study Japanese at university, and then go living in Japan... I think it's kind of hard (I'm not at all an optimist person!), but I always tell myself that I'm not old enough to stop persevering.
As I already told you, I study English... but I know also a little Spanish (studied in 6th, 7th, 8th grade) and Russian (studied just for one year, but practiced every year for at least two months with Bielorusian girls who come staying at my house).
I really hope you all can help me learnig, and that somehow I may help you, too.
Thanks (:
[I promise: I'll write a presentation in the other languages I've studied, soon... but now I really gotta go! XD]

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日本語を一貫して勉強するつもりです。 私は宿題で忙しかったです。勉強をし続学校にけなければいけない。でも、今私はやる気満々です。 進むたい。^^
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Jan 17, 2011 06:30

私の ダイエット

今週私は毎朝ジョギングする。たくさん青果と魚を食べます。 アイスクリームを食べません。(T.T) アイスクリームは大好きです! 今日は熱いです、でも昨日は寒いでした。いたりあイタリアに夏に熱いです、でも昨日は10度でした! 今日は平常です。28度です。 日本に今日は...
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Aug 7, 2010 02:10
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