Adventures of the brave soldier (part 1).

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Jan 11, 2017 04:21
Adventures of the brave soldier (part 1).
The soldier Shveik with his colleague were sended on mission. They had to find the apartments for their squad. Shveik offered to go apart. "I will go across the field and you can go along the creek. Later, we'll see who achieve the countryside first"- Shveik said.
" We must go together. There are lot of Russians in the forest."- Shveik's scared friend replied.
"If you feel danger just shoot in the air and i will save you"- Shveik told.
He had been walking around the forest all night when eventually found a village. In the morning the soldier woke up in the haystack near the little house. He sighted of a crummy old woman who met him and offered breakfast. Shveik kindly accept her proposition. After breakfast the soldier decided to swim in the hot lake. There was another man here, but Shveik didn't notice him. When our soldier was ready to return, he noticed that his uniform was disappeared. Instead, he found new uniform here. The man who was swimming when Shveik came probably mixed up clothes. Though, maybe it wasn't by accident because as soon as Shveik dressed up in new uniform he was arrested.