The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 33 -

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Mar 3, 2017 10:18
"If so, this time for sure, we should annihilate them completely together with such a crafty, trifling scheme!", Young Atobe, insisted emotionally.

Paying no attention to him, Masakage kept calmly persuading Katsuyori.

"In the previous battle with the Oda corps, I had fully grasped the situation of them, due to a thorough reconnaissance act."

"Therefore, I succeeded to make a surprise attack on the Oda Army, marching on the narrow mountain path."

"As a result, the Oda corps who could not enough deploy their troops, retreated due to afraid of suffering a fatal damage."

"I had won the information war with them, so I was able to win the actual battle with them, too."

"However, the situation is totally different this time."

"We have not been able to grasp even the number of the enemy soldiers, not to mention the positioning of their troops."

"On the contrary, the Oda and Tokugawa allied forces, fully prepared, will be waiting for us in Shitara-gahara at the foot of the mountain. If some of the reports brought by our scouting soldiers, are true."

"We should not move from here, until we have the entire situation of the allied forces."

"As far as we are positioning on halfway up the mountain, they would not be able to come attacking us to afraid repeating the failure in the previous battle once more ."

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