The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 36 -

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Mar 14, 2017 09:57
Nagasaka, one of Katsuyori's aides, fiercely opposed to Baba's idea.

(for more info. about Baba's idea - Episode 35 - )

According to one of the historical books regarding the Takeda corps 'Kouyou-gunkan', he said as follow.

"Since Saburo Shinra, the lord of our Takeda corps has never retreated without fighting with our enemy for 19 generations."

"Even though, do you intend to make Katsuyori, the 20th lord of the Takeda corps, do such a disgraceful act ?"

Saburo Shinra is the founder of the Takeda corps(clan).

The Takeda corps had their so long history about 500 years.

In the long history, there were the cases that they were defeated, and had no alternative way but to retreat, as a result of fighting with their enemy.

However, it seems that there was never 'the Takeda corps had retreated without fighting with their enemy'.

It was the pride of the Takeda corps generals and soldiers, and above all it was the important thing for Katsuyori.

Nagasaka affirmed,

"It is an unforgivable disgrace that we retreat without fighting although there are our enemies in front of us."

"By all means, we should fight with them."


Nagasaka is an old general, but he consented to the opinion of the young generals who had asserted active attack against the Oda and Tokugawa allied forces.

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