The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 29 -

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Feb 17, 2017 19:09
天正(てんしょう)3年5月19日 on the Japanese calendar at the time (July 7, 1575 on the Gregorian Calendar)

An important meeting was held to decide on the course of the Takeda corps at Iou Temple(医王寺/いおうじ).

"We had no idea 'why the allied forces didn't come to attack', but hiding in the fog, they were doing the construction work??"

Receiving the report from his scouting unit, Katsuyori got angry striking the desk.

"We have received a report too that the allied forces are a big army. Therefore probably, they would have confidence to repel us, even if we attack them under the construction."

"How exasperating it is!"

Atobe(跡部/あとべ), a leader of the young Takeda vassals, followed the remark of Katsuyori.

Without answering it, putting his hand on his chin, Katsuyori who regained calmness somewhat, thought for a while, and then opened his mouth.

"Would be the allied forces really a big army?"

Voices of surprise came from the vassals.

"What do you mean, Katsuyori?"

Atobe asked.

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