A samurai who wore red armor - Episode 24 -

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Jan 24, 2017 18:19
A samurai who wore red armor - Episode 24 -

Katsuyori demanded Su-ne-e-mon to tell the following messages to the soldiers of Nagashino Castle.

'The reinforcements will never arrive here.

It is because Ieyasu has stayed at Okazaki Castle to strengthen the castle, he decided to prevent an attack from the Takeda corps there.

Therefore, any further resistance is a wasteful act.

If you stop resisting and surrender to the Takeda corps, Katsuyori Takeda will forgive and allow you to serve Katsuyori as members of the Takeda corps.

There is no need to sacrifice your lives for the Lord who has abandoned yours.'

"Say these messages to them. If you do it, I will assign you that 侍大将(さむらいだいしょう senior commander of frontline troops) of the Takeda corps." Katsuyori said to Su-ne-e-mon.

For a few seconds, Su-ne-e-mon had been considering with lowered eyes, and then, he answerded.

"It is a peerless honor to be assigned to a 侍大将 for a low-ranking soldier like me. I've never heard such a great treatment."

"Katsuyori, I have heard that you are a man who esteems braveness and also has true pride."

"Threfore, I think that you'll politely treat the soldiers of Nagashino Castle who are fighting with dauntless courage."

"It's really painful for me to deceive everyone in Nagashino Castle who are waiting on me while believing the good news."

"However, if certainly their lives are saved, and I can become a 侍大将, I will do as you say."

"Your words will be not lies, I believe in you."

Katsuyori was satisfied with Su-ne-e-mon's answer.

Then, leaving a message to keep a close eye on Su-ne-e-mon to his subordinates, Katsuyori left the place.

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