The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 39 -

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Mar 23, 2017 10:00
- out line -
Katsuyori Takeda, the lord of the Takeda corps decided to act the decisive battle with the Oda and Tokugawa allied forces, as a result of the meeting at Iou Temple.

"We should avoid doing the decisive battle with the allied forces this time", the some cautious tactics of the generals serving the Takeda corps for many years, were rejected.

After the meeting, the generals had gathered at Baba's camp, one of their core members, and they were doing a farewell ceremony called 'mizu-sakazuki'.

(Here is the first half of the ceremony.)

After drinking the water, the generals cracked the cup by striking it on the ground, and it is said, they swore each other that

"Now that things have come to this pass, we will fight as much as we can, and let us die splendidly."

Then, after that, it seems that they took about old times, and the atmosphere got a little relaxed.

The act of breaking the cup indicated these intentions, 'Being near my end, I don't need water anymore.' or 'I cut off the feeling that spare my life.'

The generals had already realized that this battle would be really dangerous, and they had foreboded that it might be the last battle for them, too.