The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 35 -

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Mar 13, 2017 10:32
Baba said .

"We should promptly retreat our army this time."

"Because of the dense fog and far distance, it must be difficult to grasp the situation of us for the allied forces, same as we can't do, too."

"Therefore, our retreat would be easy."

"If they notice our retreating, it should be difficult for them pursuing us. Because the ground is muddy, due to the long rain almost every day. Especially, a basin landform like Shitara-gahara which they have set up their battle formation."

"Rengo River flowing through Shitara-Gahara has risen, too. These should help us, if we retreat."

"Even if they persistently keep pursuing us, we will be able to join with the Kousaka's troop, remaining at the Kaizu Castle, as long as we return to our territory.

"It is that time, we should fight against the allied forces."

(Katsuyori had been wary that the Takeda headquarters may be attacked by Uesugi corps who was the powerful corps in the north, during this expedition.

Therefore, He had set up the defense force in Kaizu Castle near the border with them.)

It is said that the young generals became calmed down a little with his remark, in order that a part of their opinions were adopted, and due to his influence that he had.

However, there was a general who opposed this idea.

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