The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 32 -

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Feb 28, 2017 12:00
"As you say, if they are a really large army, why do they need to choose such a cowardly tactic ?"

Katsuyori glared piercingly at Masakage.

Masakage answered him,

"Being cowardly and being careful are different."

"I have beat back the Oda corps over 20,000 while leading 6000 soldiers before in the mountain area neighboring Akechi Castle."

"Because of that defeat, probably, they have become painfully aware that a numerical advantage is not an absolute advantage in a battle with a foe as powerful as us"

"Especially in a battle in mountainous region where it is difficult to make use of a big army."

"Therefore, they would want to let us descend down from the mountain by pretending as if they are afraid of having a decisive battle with us.

"It's a trap for throwing us off our guard."

"If so, this time for sure, we should annihilate them completely together with such a crafty, trifling scheme!", young Atobe insisted emotionally.

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