The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 28 -

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Feb 14, 2017 22:36
The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 28 -

When the Takeda corps was preparing for interception on the watch for an attack from the allied forces of the Oda and the Tokugawa corps, but practically, the allied forces was performing a large-scale construction in Shitara-gahara.

In japan, at this time(July 6th, 1575 on the Gregorian calendar), it was the season with much rainfall called 梅雨(tsu-yu つゆ).

In addition, Shitara-gahara was a basin along the river called 連吾川(rengo-gawa れんごがわ) and there were many small hills. Therefore, a very dense fog was generating widely in there.

Naturally, the visibility was very bad, so the Takeda army waiting at a distance of 5km far away from Shitara-gahara, could not see at all this situation of the allied forces.

It is said that the reports of the Takeda scouting soldiers were also complicated.

The allied forces which had known that Shitara-gahara had been often surrounded in dense fog every this seson, were using the fog and the landform as a cover for their construction.

The historical documents of the Tokugawa corps express the state of this construction, as follows.

"Using a large quantity of wood sticks and ropes which had been carried from Okazaki Castle by themselves, the Oda corps and us threw up many fences, and drove those into the ground one after another, as if to make a long wall made from wood frame."

"The total length of the fences became approximately 2km."

"Furthermore, our allied forces set up double or treble fences at some important points to strengthen defenses."

"Moreover, in front of the fences, we dug some moats and made even some mounds, using the soil which had been dug up."

"It was as if a fort suddenly appeared at the place which had been nothing."

Mobilizing a part of their 38,000 soldiers, the allied forces completed this large construction in less than half a day.

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